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From Tokyo to Tacos: The Fiery Journey of Furuya Yamamoto

Furuya Yamamoto might take the title as Tokyo's most interesting man. After quitting his corporate advertising job in 2011, he took to Mexico without speaking any Spanish in search of his life's purpose. Now, he dedicates everyday to joyfully delivering the most authentic Mexican tacos to Tokyo through 3Hermanos Tacos.

Photos by Keegan Hasegawa

When arriving at the Omote-sando food trucks in Tokyo Yamamoto-san stands out among the rest, joyfully advertising his tacos in English, Japanese and of course Spanish. His outgoing personality is intoxicating and his passion is reflected in his food. We at Ohako had the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about what made him so dedicated and happy about tacos.

Yamamoto-san left Japan for Mexico in search of a challenge and his life's purpose. At this point in time he hadn't even tried a taco, nor did he speak Spanish. However, after spending several years there he fell in love with the country, its people and of course its tacos. Contrary to what you may think, he didn't move beck to Tokyo with the intention of selling tacos. In 2018 he had to move back to Japan to take care of parents but quickly found that he missed the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine. Unable to find a place in Tokyo that satisfied that desire, he decided to take it upon himself to share what he loves with the rest of Tokyo.

In 2020 Yamamoto-san began selling his tacos to the public. It went incredibly well, which led to the purchase of a food truck. A lot of chefs in big cities will continuously try and evolve their menu with new trendy fusions. Yamamoto-san on the other hand focuses on delivering the most authentic tacos possible by practicing "Kaizen." Kaizen is the Japanese art of continuous improvement, meaning that through practice and passion he only aims to try and deliver true Mexican tacos.

There is truly no other like Yamamoto-san. His journey from Japan to mastering the art of making tacos in Mexico has infused his food with an unparalleled passion. Beyond the delectable tacos, stopping by his truck give you the chance to engage with this fascinating individual that truly sets this taco truck apart. So, don't miss the opportunity to savor mouthwatering tacos while sharing stories and laughter with Yamamoto-san. Trust me, it's an encounter you won't regret!


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