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Noma returns to Kyoto this fall

This fall, as Kyoto begins to showcase its stunning display of autumn colors, the city also prepares for the return of Noma, the culinary powerhouse led by Chef René Redzepi. From October 8 through December 18, 2024, the acclaimed Copenhagen-based restaurant will take up residence once again at the Ace Hotel Kyoto, merging Scandinavian culinary artistry with the rich, seasonal flavors of Japan.

For those who revel in the world of high gastronomy, the announcement of Noma's return is thrilling news. René Redzepi’s team is set to craft a menu that celebrates Kyoto’s abundant autumn harvest, focusing on local specialties like game meats and crab. Imagine dining on meticulously prepared dishes that each tell a story of the region's diverse produce and traditions, making every course a discovery.

The price tag—€840 (about $912 or ¥136,000) plus a 10% service charge—reflects the exclusivity and creativity of the experience, securing a seat at Noma Kyoto is akin to getting tickets to a top-tier event, as the five-time No. 1 winner on the World’s 50 Best restaurant list is one of the hardest tables to book on earth. The anticipation for this culinary event is palpable, especially since reservations, opening on May 14 via the Noma newsletter (sign up by May 7th!), are expected to be snapped up quickly. Last year's pop-up saw reservations disappear within minutes, underscoring the global allure of the Noma experience.

Beyond the dinner plate, Noma’s presence in Kyoto taps into the city’s vibrant cultural scene. From art exhibits and traditional performances to the everyday beauty of its historic streets, Kyoto offers a complementary backdrop to Noma’s culinary adventures. Each visit to the city is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a place where modern life and rich history coexist beautifully.

This year's Noma residency isn’t just a repeat of the past; it’s a deeper exploration into the seasonal rhythms of Kyoto. As Redzepi himself hinted, this season’s focus on game and wild foraged ingredients promises a menu full of new surprises and reinterpretations of local flavors.

Noma’s return to Kyoto is not just about tasting food, but about experiencing the convergence of culinary mastery and the peak of autumn’s natural beauty. Whether you're a seasoned Noma diner or a newcomer to this level of dining, the upcoming residency in Kyoto is set to be an unforgettable highlight of the culinary calendar.


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