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October Event's in Tokyo 2023!

From Festivals to Spooky Displays, here's whats going on in Tokyo in October!

Tachikawa Yokai Bon Odori 2023

October 7th 2023 (Saturday) - October 9th 2023 (Monday)

The Tachikawa Yokai Bon Odori will go on for three days in early October. It will feature Bon Odori, live music and DJ's as well as a "Yokai" costume competition! "Yokai" is a broad term in Japanese that can encapsulate supernatural things like ghosts, demons, monsters and others! Meaning, you're bound to see some crazy creative costumes here! The Tachikawa area is on the outskirts of Tokyo towards the mountains, so its a great event if you're looking to get out of the city!

Location: Tachikawa

Dates: October 7th 2023 (Friday) - October 9th 2023 (Monday)

Time: 11:00 - 20:00

Price: Free


September 15th (Friday) - October 31st (Tuesday), 2023

The Tokyo Tower Main Deck will be projected with wild art that fuses seasonal images along with the fantastic view of Tokyo. The general theme of this exhibit is "Halloween party" meaning you get to see vibrant and playful spooky characters along the skyline.

Location: Tokyo Tower Main Deck (Height 150m) 2nd Floor North Floor

Date: September 15th (Friday) - October 31st (Tuesday), 2023


September 15th (Friday) - October 5th (Thursday) 18:00-22:20

October 6th (Friday) - October 31st (Tuesday) 17:30 - 22:20

Price: 500 - 1200 JPY (See Main Deck Admission Prices Here)

Nihombashi Ebisu-ko Bettara-ichi Festival (Tokyo's Pickle Fair!)

October 19th 2023 (Thursday) - October 20th 2023 (Friday)

This "Pickle Fair" market contains anywhere from 400-500 street vendors selling local foods, beer and even sake! The market itself is held around Takarada Ebisu Shrine where a large number of vendors will be selling the locally renowned bettara-zuke (sweet and salty daikon radish pickles) as "Bettara-ichi" translates to Pickle Fair!

Date: October 19th 2023 (Thursday) - October 20th 2023 (Friday)

Time: 12:00 - 21:30

Price: Free

Tokyo's 63rd Kanda Used Book Festival

October 27th 2023 (Friday) - November 3rd 2023 (Friday)

Photo From Nakagawa Shobo

Within Jimbocho, Tokyo you can find a street lined with various different used bookstores! In October, this street transforms into the location for the biggest Used Book Festival in Tokyo! There are even special events within this festival that showcase book ownership stamps! This festival is somewhat of a year-end clearance sale so you can grab as many books as you want! Not even your backpack is the limit, because some shops also include delivery services won't need to carry them all home!

Location: Kanda-Jinbocho Used Bookstore Street, Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Date: October 27th 2023 (Friday) - November 3rd 2023 (Friday)

Time: 10:00 - 19:00

Price: Free

Tokyo Autumn Rose Festival

October 7th 2023 (Saturday) - November 11th 2023 (Saturday)

This festival celebrates the wide variety of over 5,000 seasonal roses where you can find beautiful autumnal roses such as dahlia and chrysanthemums for this brief period of time. The location features a Western-style garden, a Japanese Garden and a large Western-style mansion!

Location: Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

Date: October 7th 2023 (Saturday) - November 11th 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 9:00 -17: 00


Children up to Junior High School: Free

Adults: 150 JPY

Ages 65+: 70 JPY

45th Setagaya Ward Tamagawa Fireworks Festival

October 21st 2023 (Saturday)

This is Setagaya's Biggest Fireworks Festival! In it's 45th year, this festival is extremely popular so be sure to get there early! Each person is allowed a 90cm by 90cm tarp to sit on as well, so be sure to get there in time to claim your spot!

Location: Futakotamagawa Station

Date: October 21st 2023 (Saturday)

Time: 18:00 - 19:00

Price: Free

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival

October 5th 2023 (Thursday) - October 22nd 2023 (Sunday)

Believe it or not, curry is one of Japan's most popular dishes! Over 100 shops in the Shimokitazawa area will be participating in this festival that will feature innovative dishes from each business! The hours of this event will vary from business to business but you can check out the event website for more in-depth information!

Location: 2 Chome-24-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo 155-0031, Japan

Date: October 5th 2023 (Thursday) - October 22nd 2023 (Sunday)

Time: Dependent on Business

Price: Dependent on Business


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