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Edo Kiriko: Ohako x Japan Design Store

Edo-kiriko is a distinguished form of Japanese cut glass art, renowned for its intricate patterns and vibrant use of color. Originating in the Edo period, this craft combines delicate glasswork with detailed etching, producing pieces that are not only decorative but deeply symbolic, reflecting wishes for prosperity, longevity, and happiness.

The history of Edo-kiriko dates back to the 19th century, evolving from simple glassware to an esteemed art form adorned with elaborate designs. Initially inspired by the introduction of glass-making techniques from the West, Japanese artisans infused their own aesthetic, creating a unique cultural hallmark that has been cherished and passed down through generations.

Since discovering the art of Edo-kiriko, we’ve gotten the opportunity to team up with Japan Design Store to produce a collaboration Edo Kirko glass. They are made with esteemed glass maker Tajima Glass, who are instrumental in both preserving and innovating Edo-kiriko. Founded in Tokyo, the heart of Edo-kiriko's origins, Tajima Glass stands as a testament to the art's enduring appeal. Through dedication to craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality, Tajima Glass has become synonymous with Edo-kiriko, fostering its growth and appreciation both in Japan and internationally.

We co-designed a cup with a young Japanese craftswoman, who has embarked on preserving the 200-year-old craft of Edo-kiriko. She has mastered the intricate art of carving original designs into glass, a task requiring precision and patience. This partnership celebrates her first project from start to finish that she brings to life, painstakingly carving each one by hand. The hand carved design features two types of Sakura blossoms and the Mount Fuji in the base that beautifully reflects the color of the drinks you pour in.

We invite you to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of a piece that bridges generations, a true embodiment of the spirit and skill inherent in this magnificent Japanese art form.

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