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Niku Ryori Kitsune No Yomeiri: Kyoto's Most Creative Wagyu

Photo Courtesy of @kitsune_yomeiri_kyoto on Instagram

Niku Ryori Kitsune No Yomeiri in Kyoto is a restaurant that serves the most creative wagyu course! This restaurant uses a rare brand of Wagyu beef called "Usunaga" beef, which doest come around often in Japan!! They serve the wagyu course using the finest local Kyoto ingredients. The restaurant name literally means “fox” and as you can see in the attached video, the chef has the attire to fit the theme!

Name: Niku Ryori Kitsune No Yomeiri

Location: 600-8216 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Higashiokojicho, 738 三葉ハイツ 1F

Access: About 4 minutes on foot from Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line Kyoto Station Exit 1/About 5 minutes on foot from JR Kyoto Station Exit 6/About 11 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Kyoto Line Kyoto Station Central Exit

Contact: 075-341-5511

Closed: Wednesday


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