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Mount Fuji Closed: Over-tourism Causes Damages to Mt. Fuji

Source: Reuters

Mount Fuji has closed all trails until the end of the year 2023, due to environmental damage caused by over-tourism. Fuji is typically a two-day climb for those that want to take in all that the mountain has to offer. However, many tourists are attempting to scale the mountain in a day. This has caused a high influx of rescue requests. The total number has risen to 60 this year, with a quarter of those coming from non-Japanese tourists. The increased number of tourists has also caused an excess amount of litter and dirtied bathrooms at a rate that maintenance and officials cannot keep up with.

The reason for this closure is due to the fact that the litter and damages have threatened Mount Fuji's UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Additionally, if the mountain continues to face these damages, there are concerns that Mount Fuji's sacredness would be tarnished.

As for solutions for this issue of over-tourism and environmental pollution, there are talks in place to remove the Fuji-Subaru access road and replace it with a train service. This new train would come with a high fare of 10,000 yen ($67.85 USD). The high price tag has been proposed in the hopes that those who are willing to pay the fare are more committed and respectful to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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