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SEAGREEN: The Japanese Fashion Brand Reconnecting Japan with Nature

SEAGREEN is a Tokyo based clothing brand dedicated to reconnecting Japan to nature through fashion. The foliage, beaches and people of southern Japan is what inspired SEAGREEN to create its line of casual, yet elegant clothing line, all while promoting environmental stability. So much so, that even their pop-up shops feature repurposed ocean debris.

The SEAGREEN pop up in Hibiya, Tokyo featuring repurposed ocean debris

As the number of fisherman in Japan decreases, the leftover unused fishnets, buoys and other tools are left to be disposed of. SEAGREEN took the initiative of repurposing these materials and turning it into a functional display for their 2024 line of Summer and Spring clothing. Currently located in TATRAS (Hibiya, Tokyo) you can find these repurposed materials. SEAGREEN created this display in the hopes that those who purchase and wear their clothes will be inspired to be more environmentally cautious in their day to day life.

Up close and personal with the craftsmanship that is behind SEAGREEN

While some people may believe that sustainable clothing would result in a lower quality product, those familiar with SEAGREEN would understand that that is simply not true. Their new Spring and Summer line features shirts, hoodies and dresses with their "Big Waffle" patterned design showcasing the intricate time and craftsmanship that goes into each product. This "Big Waffle" design is not only made with soft and comfortable materials, but the pattern itself allows for a cool summer breeze to travel through the material, keeping the wearer cool. Additionally, even their flat clothes feature woven patterned outlines, adding a touch of Japanese craftsmanship to every piece.

These items, along with the SEAGREEN sustainable display of repurposed ocean debris can be found at their TATRAS pop-up in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya until April 7th 2024, however all products can be found on the SEAGREEN website!

TATRAS Popup Address: 201 1 Chome-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0006


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