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Weird Ways to Stay Cool in Japan

The Summer of 2022 saw one of the hottest average temperatures in Tokyo, Japan. Despite the area being a metropolis of new technology and innovation the 104 degree Fahrenheit (40 degree Celsius) temperatures and brutal humidity certainly made it feel more like a concrete jungle. However, nothing can crush the spirit of Tokyo pedestrians which has led to several interesting and perhaps bizarre ways to stay cool in the Summer.

1.Air Conditioned Jackets

At first glance you might think someone wearing one of these jackets would be out of their mind. I mean why would anyone wear a jacket in this scalding heat? However, unlike your rich friend's winter parka these jackets aren't filled with goose feathers. Instead, they get their puff from air. Two built in fans circulate air in and out of the jacket itself, essentially leaving the wearer with a built in A/C unit. A large number of outdoor workers in Japan will often wear these jackets in order to keep them cool during activities such as making deliveries or farming. This genuinely might be one of my favorite Japan inventions.

2.Re-Chargeable Fans

These ingenious inventions seem to be owned by almost everyone in Japan. Just by taking a look around at a crowded train station you can probably identify about ten different models of these fans. Some are simply hand-held while others can be strung around the wearers neck to keep their commute around the city hands-free. You can find these fans inside convenience stores if you need relief during your anxious wait for the air-conditioned train.

3.Cooling Foam

This odd invention looks like shaving cream when it first comes out of the can, but within a few seconds the foam solidifies into a cool, moldable blob. Once its out of the can you can mold the foam into any shape you want and move it around to stay cool. The only downside to this product is fighting the urge to throw your cold blob at your friends.

4.Sweat Wipes

These aren't your normal sweat wipes because not only do they keep you smelling fresh but the wipes leave a residue on your skin that cause a cooling sensation. The sensation itself probably isn't for everyone because when I tried these it almost felt like someone left a burning hot towel around my neck. I think this is one of those products that you just have to try yourself to understand.


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