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Kyoto's Biggest Meat Sandwich (Juicy Meat)

Japan might be known for its small portion sizes, but that stereotype is far from true at Juicy Meat. If you're a meat lover then you have to add this restaurant to your Kyoto itinerary! For under 10 dollars you can get their meat omelet sando that features beef wrapped in a warm omelet, their roast beef sando that has Japanese Shiso, wasabi and soy sauce and last but not least their Wagyu filet sandwiches. If you're feeling really bold you can try their loaded premium filet sandwich that comes in at just under 20 dollars and has an insane amount of meat and fillings. Just check out the Reel below to see how big these sandwiches can get!

Instagram: @juicymeat_10c

Location: Japan, 〒604-8152 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Tearaimizucho, 671 損保ジャパン ユニバース京都ビル B1F


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