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Rickshaw Ride Through Tokyo! (TokyoRickshaw)

Japan is known for its efficient train system and speedy bullet trains. But not too many people are familiar with how people got around before all of these technological advancements. Rickshaw's are two-wheeled, man-powered carts used to transport people. They originated in Japan around 1870 and became extremely popular since man-powered labor was cheaper than horses at the time. Believe it or not, these still exist today!

So, we to Asakusa and got pulled around through Tokyo by one of these Rickshaw drivers! It was awesome experiencing a “man” powered rickshaw for the first time. We toured all around the Asakusa area with TokyoRickshaw and got to see all of the landmarks such as Skytree and Sensoji Temple! If you want to see all the sights, experience the culture and get a personal tour... You have to add this to your Tokyo bucket list!

Name: Tokyo Rickshaw

Location: Asakusa, Tokyo

Instagram: @tokyorickshaw


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